Rent Payment Methods

​​1. Direct ACH Bank Transfer

  • Direct ACH Bank Transfers or online payments through Tenant Cloud. Each tenant is supplied with their own personal online tenant portal to make payments, submit maintenance requests, and check on the status of their lease.

2. Credit Card or Debit Card

  • Credit or Debit cards are accepted through the online tenant portal.

3. Check or Money Order or Cashier's Check

  • Checks, money orders, cashier's checks, or cash can be deposited into the companies TD Bank account (management will provide account information upon request). All checks or money orders should be written out to JCRE Holdings LLC.
  • When depositing the rent, please make sure to write your full name and house address on the bottom of the deposit slip. We reserve the right not to accept rent if tenants name and address is not on the deposit slip. Tenant is responsible for keeping all deposit & money order receipts.
  • If paying by check, payment must be made in full on one single check for the full balance due that month. If multiple checks are received in a single month, there will be a $5 processing fee per additional check beyond the first check. Landlord reserves the right to refuse multiple checks, and late fees would still apply.

4. Mailing the rent & utility payments is not an option

**Regardless of what method of payment is used, rent must be *received* by the due date in your lease to avoid a late payment fee. Plan for holidays and weekends, these are not an exceptions to the late fee policy.**

**If rent is received after the grace period, it has to be postmarked *before* the rent was due, otherwise there will still be a late fee assessed.**

**Please plan for holidays and weekends, these are not exceptions to the late fee policy.**