Secure High Yield Returns with JCRE Holdings LLC!

JCRE Holdings LLC, is a Philadelphia based real estate investment firm with a focus on residential real estate investments. JCRE targets distressed assets in premier growth market locations where properties benefit from new management and value-add renovations. Our ability to locate, acquire and reposition these assets allows us to provide our investors with superior risk-adjusted returns.

Our company’s proven track record of success is derived from 3 core strengths:

  • Market Research and Timing – We invest in markets in which we have an intimate knowledge. We look for markets with landlord-friendly laws, favorable economic conditions and a strong tenant base.

  • Design and Construction Management – Our in-house architectural and construction management teams work together on each project to produce functional and attractive properties that are differentiated from our competition and appeal to a wider range of potential tenants.

  • Property Management – Our property management team maintains each property with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring quality living for our residents and maximizing the asset values for our investors.

As a growth-oriented company seeking to acquire new assets, we make it easy for investors to participate in our investments. We offer investors both debt and equity products, at favorable rates, for our select acquisitions, and we provide investors with consistent cash flow from stable, well-managed assets.

We are committed to developing direct long lasting relationships with our investors through open communication regarding our operations, investments, and your needs.

Our loan program features the security of the collateral and the high yield of up to 10% annual returns. We have an ever changing portfolio of properties and seek loans of between $25,000 and $500,000. This opportunity offers an exceptional risk adjusted return, monthly income, and relative liquidity.

As a JCRE Holdings Private Lender, your loan is paid off when the property it is secured to is sold or refinanced into long term debt. You then have the opportunity to roll your investment to a new property if you choose, or receive your capital back if other needs or opportunities arise. At JCRE Holdings LLC we have streamlined the legal and recording process to ensure a painless loan origination experience and you will have one point of contact to ensure all your investment needs are met.

Suitable investors for this program include individual, IRA, and corporate investors. As a secured fixed income vehicle, these high yield investments are a perfect match for savings or investment accounts, corporate cash management accounts, self-directed IRAs, Pension/Profit sharing plans, or other entities which require a secure, high fixed yield.

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