​​​​​​​Philadelphia Tenant Resources

Contact us:

(267) 571-5959


Maintenaince requests:

  • Please submit maintenance requests online through your Cozy account.

​​Payment information:

1. Direct ACH Bank Transfer—highly preferred

  • Direct ACH Bank Transfers or online payments are highly preferred through https://www.cozy.co.
  • Your bank may offer a free bill-pay service which can be used to send payments automatically each month.

2. Venmo or the Cash App

  • You may pay using Venmo or the Cash App. Ask management for more information

 3. Check, Money Order, or Cashier's Check deposits

  • Checks, money orders or cashier's checks can be deposited into the companies TD Bank account (management will provide account information upon request). All checks or money orders should be written out to JCRE Holdings LLC. When depositing the rent, please make sure to write your full name and house address on the bottom of the deposit slip. Tenant is responsible for keeping all deposit & money order receipts.
  • If paying by check, payment must be made in full on one single check for the full balance due that month.  If multiple checks are received in a single month, there will be a $5 processing fee per additional check beyond the first check.  Landlord reserves the right to refuse multiple checks, and late fees would still apply.
  • Please: only deposit checks, money orders, or cashier's checks with your name and address listed on the memo. Do not deposit cash as we will not be able to tell who deposited the money. 

 4. Mailing the rent & utility bills is not an option

  • Regardless of what method of payment is used, rent must be *received* by the due date in your lease to avoid a late payment fee.  Plan for holidays and weekends, these are not an exceptions to the late fee policy.
  • If rent is received after the grace period, it has to be postmarked *before* the rent was due, otherwise there will still be a late fee assessed.

Move out procedures:  

Move in information:

  • To turn the electricity on you will need to call PECO at 1-800-494-4000 or set it up online though: https://www.peco.com/MyAccount/MyService/Pages/StartStopMove.aspx 
  • Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is a federally-funded program that helps low-income households with their home energy bills. We advise all tenants to apply immediately. Click here for more information. 

  • Tenant is responsible for taking out the trash and recycling weekly. If unsure what day, you may find it here: http://property.phila.gov/ 

Pet Policy:

  • No pets allowed at 475 Krams Ave, 120 W Salaignac Street, 238 Gates Street due to roommates having allergies. 
  • Other properties must have written approval from landlord
  • Cats - 2 allowed, One time Fee $250.00, Rent $30.00
  • Dogs - 2 allowed, Max weight 60 lb each, One time Fee $250.00, Rent $30.00
  • Breed restrictions apply

Section 8:

  • Our properties in West Philly can be section 8 approved. Please contact management for more information. 


Frozen Pipes

  • Tenants are responsible for leaving water running between hot and cold at a very slow trickle in cold weather (below freezing), in order to prevent frozen pipes, and will be liable for cost to repair any frozen pipes and/or to restore water service.

Snow and Ice Removal:

  • Single Family Properties: All single family tenants are responsible for their own snow and ice removal
  • Multi-Family Properties: Tenants in multi-family properties should check their lease terms to determine if they are responsible for snow removal. If they are not, tenant should notify management when snow needs to be shoveled.